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Disney Sunday 12/3/06 [Dec. 29th, 2006|01:56 pm]


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After a good nights sleep, Sunday dawned bright and early. We had planned to meet up with my sister Sue and her new boyfriend. My dad and step mother were also already in Florida for the winter, so we had them all scheduled to meet us at the ESPN club for the Pats game at 1. I think we got over to the Boardwalk with a short 5 minute walk to DownTown Disney from our room at the “Congress Park” building at Saratoga Springs. One thing about the Springs, it’s a huge Vacation Club resort, almost too big. It’s not a quick trip to the main building where food and stuff is.
We arrived at the Boardwalk and scoped out the pool in case Katie got too antsy during the football game. We grabbed a snack and enjoyed the sun on a bench while waiting for the doors to ESPN to open. There’s only a few big booths in the place, so you have to get there first to claim them.
We didn’t wait long before we saw my dad and sister coming towards us. We visited for a few and met my sister’s new boyfriend. He seemed really nice. Once we settled in at our booth, be ordered some snacks. It’s really loud in there before the actual games are broadcast. They have a whole “show” they broadcast out of the place, so it made it difficult to talk. We handed out some Christmas gifts, and soon my mom took Sue outside to visit and to bring all our gifts back to the room. We didn’t want to be carting them over to Epcot that evening when we’d be seeing the CandleLight Processional.
So we spent the afternoon ranting as the Pats made the game against the Detroit Lions far too close. Once the game was over we headed to Epcot. It was a nice walk and we had an early dinner reservation at Chefs du France. We saw the Chair guys doing their thing, and there was a guy dressed up as Pere Noel and he told of the Christmas traditions in France. It was fun to listen to him because it brought back memories of my senior year French class where we made Buche du Noel and learned about shoes instead of stockings being put out. We didn’t get to hear the end since we were being called in for our dinner. With the dining plan you get an appetizer, entrée and dessert. I got onion soup which was to die for! The filet I got was just ok, and by then I wasn’t hungry enough to eat…and then desert on top of all that seemed like overkill. The dining plan works out to save you money, but for me it’s a huge waste of food because I just wasn’t hungry enough to eat the amount you’re allotted.
Once we'd finished feasting we headed to where the line formed for the CandleLight P. We wanted a decent seat, so we rested and chatted for the 45 minutes before being seated. The show was to start at 8, and Katie was in good spirits. Once the kids filed in and the singing began it was really nice. The long horns they had trumpeting were a bit on the loud side, but it looked gorgeous. Marie Osmond was our narrator. She did a nice job, but I wish she’d sung too…at the end she admitted how hard it was not to burst into song along with the carolers. About halfway through Katie started to sag…she clambered up onto my lap to see better. When a song ended, she burst into tears and asked if they could do it again. I told her it was live and it wasn’t something they can just do over…She started to nod off again. She was out totally for a couple of songs, when suddenly at the end of a carol, she whipped her head up and began applauding like crazy. It was adorable and funny. She then proceeded to fall back asleep for a few, but woke up to hear the end and enjoy the ride back to our hotel. I believe we walked back to Boardwalk and caught the bus to DownTown Disney…