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Amy's First Day Report [Dec. 21st, 2006|02:43 pm]


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We had a lovely vacation. The weather was mild, in the 70’s for the most part. Only the last couple of days were chilly enough for jeans and a sweatshirt. I always enjoy coming home to sleep in my own bed. The thing I’ll miss the most is that we had a king size bed in our room at the Saratoga Springs resort, and Katie snuggled right in between Bill and I. She had such a great time. Ryan was a great help with her, and my mom and step-dad took her back to the room early one night because she was wiped out.
She still dug in her heels over the Pooh ride…those heffalumps and woozles really made an impression last trip. She did try Small World and loved it. I think it’s her new favorite. On the way home she asked if we could go back to the Magic Kingdom one more time to ride it and try and get in a pink boat.
I really enjoyed having Katie sleep in with us so that Ryan could have her own bed. However…the second night there she started coughing…and had had too much chocolate milk. So of course she ended up blepping all over the bed. Bill’s first reaction was “Get her off the bed!!” but I kept a cooler head and figured it’s easier to change the sheets at 2am than to try and get it off the rug. So I plopped her in the shower, and rinsed the sheets. Luckily there were spares, so I changed the bed too. I swear I have a very strong stomach. Katie has tested this many many times over.

Friday we had a sandwich at Downtown Disney and met up with jenelope. Our first night we’d be spending at the Contemporary Resort. The rooms have all been redone. We walked in and were pleasantly surprised to find a flat screen television and computer too. It might be pretty neat if they open the Contemporary up to Vacation Club because I’d stay there again in a heartbeat. We took a boat over to the Wilderness Lodge for our dinner at Whispering Canyon. The food was ok. The Christmas tree that adorned the lobby was very impressive. There were moose antlers and other Indian sort of decorations on the tree. Food at Whispering Canyon was ok, a bit pricey and I wasn’t hungry enough to get the all you can eat skillet. Katie had fun riding a wooden stick horse around with the other kids in the “Pony Express.”

It was nice riding the boat back to the Contemporary. The following day we’d be moving to Saratoga Springs, and spending the morning in the Magic Kingdom.