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Passing ships [Nov. 14th, 2006|03:17 pm]


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[mood |stressedstressed]
[music |The Selecter, "Too Experienced"]

So, I missed the call last night. I was at home at the time, too. I think the ringer on my cell is too quiet. Anyway, I'm sorry I missed you (even sorrier that I don't live close enough to join you for these planning dinners).

To answer the one question: I don't have a Disney Dining Experience card anymore. I had one last year, but I didn't use it enough to justify renewal.

I can't figure out if the statement "I'm leaving for WDW the week after next" makes me less tense or just adds to my stress level at this point. On the one hand, it's Disney, it makes me happy, I'm almost guaranteed to relax the moment I step off the plane. On the other, I've never felt so unprepared for a trip where I have an itinerary, a healthy budget, and all of my tickets and transportation are taken care of in advance. It's that I haven't practice-packed once and all of my vacation stuff is scattered to the four winds.

Hey, Bill, could you shoot me an e-mail with a non-Herald address?